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File: Deadmeats Bot Control
Author: Deadmeat
Downloads: 2091
Description: CTF map designed for use with the FoxBot.
Size: 1018KB
Date: 04/11/2005

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Additional Info:

Game : Half-life mod Team Fortress Classic

Category : TFC ctf map

Filename: dm_botcontrol

Full name: Deadmeats Bot Control

Notes: Flag carriers drop the flag when
they die. Dropped flags return to top of
your base in 30 sec. Some control of defence. If
the attack button is used, defence will advance.
Until the flag is moved by the enemy.
Then they will defend again, till the flag is
moved or button is hit.
Demo defence is just the buttons. Defend or
attack. Demo will go for the flag at start.

Author: Deadmeat (Jimbo)

[email protected]
Made: 8:31 PM 26/11/2004