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File: 3 Dry Lakes
Author: Vìpèr
Downloads: 649
Description: 3 Dry Lakes
Size: 756KB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:

Title : 3 Dry Lakes
Date : May 31, 2000
Filename : 3drylakes.bsp
Filesize : 2.3mb
Author : Vìpèr

This was a special request. It's my 3 High Lakes map minus the waterfalls and a lot less
water. I guess r_speeds (poly count) was good enough, but all the water gave some video
cards fits and slowed things down. This should be better. Also, I removed both blue guns
(egon weapons), since they are just too powerful.

It is a pretty straight-forward deathmatch map. This is my first attempt at making a map.
No moving parts such as doors/elevators/conveyor belts/etc... No buttons to push. If I
make another map I will use some `smoke and mirrors', increase the size, and increase the
complexity of it.

This was a learning experience. I found some real short-comings in WorldCraft v2.1 and
thought it would be easier. I now truly appreciate some of the great maps I've played,
knowing just a little of what is involved.

- I could not get some mountain textures to look right, so I finally gave up on that part
of it.
- As I understand it, the game engine uses your CPU to draw the polygons and there are some
occasional white dots in some mountain walls due to the angular shapes I made caused by
the FPU (Floating Point Unit) rounding off numbers.
- The r_speeds average around 550-650 in most places, so internet play on phone modems with
slow systems may lag a bit. As far as LAN play, or DSL/ADSL/Cable/etc. internet play,
hopefully this map should rock...

1) Valve/Sierra/id
2) The Zoner compiling tools
3) Half-Life Editing Resource Center @
4) Wavelength's Half-Life site @
5) LAN based playtesters: Jake, Uncle-p, Bessemer


You can run through it to get familiar with the layout, etc.

6-16 players would probably work out fine.

Centered around 3 lakes set high up in the mountains, during a drought.

- 18 DM respawn points.
- Atleast 2 of each kind of weapon, except for the egon weapon.
- Plenty of weapons, ammo, heath, and HEV recharges scattered throughout.
- Several ways to access just about any point in the map.
- All chain-link fences are climbable.
- Access to all but the highest mountain tops.
- The 3 trees are climbable (only from 1 side) and you can hide in them.

- Falling off the to outside of any mountain brings certain death.


Put 3highlakes.bsp in your \Sierra\Half-Life\Valve\maps subdir.


Base : Created from scratch
Editor(s) used : Worldcraft v2.1
Custom textures : No
Custom sounds : No
Build Time : 2 months, on & off.
Compile Time : Around 90 minutes on my PII 466mhz w/128mb RAM.

Solids : 1031
Faces : 6222
Point Entities : 107
Solid Entities : 224


Do anything you want with this map, especially deletion if you don't like it.

I hope you like and play this map. There was no central theme to this map, except for some
fun blood-letting.

The internet abounds with sorry-ass critics intent on bringing everyone else down with their
rantings (personal opinions). I am not asking for a critique, and won't receive one. I
am not leaving an e-mail address.