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File: Banana Map (Revised)
Author: [WoF]Vitani
Downloads: 632
Description: Banana Map (Revised)
Size: 1.5MB
Date: 10/04/2002

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Additional Info:

You can extract the whole zip archive to your Half-Life
folder (C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\) and your un-zipping program
should put that files where they belong. Failing that
extract the files as specified below...

put these files.. here..
sky_blu_* -> half-life\tfc\gfx\env
banana_r.* -> half-life\tfc\maps
*.mdl -> half-life\tfc\models


Title: Banana Map (Revised)
BSP File: banana_r.bsp
Release Date: 28th May 2001
Version Number: 1.2 (Beta 13)
Author: [WoF]Vitani
Email Address: [email protected]
Web Site:
Extra Textures: magma - by Parley Hatch (via Wally web site) - used with permission
snow, cliff, & outside walls - all from Half-Life: Opposing Forces CTF
Extra Models: snowman, snowy trees & penguins - all from HL:Op4-CTF
flags - from HL:Op4-CTF, edited by [WoF]Loose_Cannon
Extra Sky: sky_blu_ - from HL:Op4-CTF
Extra Sounds: [none]

Base: Stared from a cube with a gate, and just kinda grew...
Editor Used: Worldcraft 3.3, with Zoners HL Compile Tools
Build Time: Just over 2 months (Revitions took and extra 1 day)
Known Bugs: You can get away with team killing without team killing using the frga pipe(s), know what i mean?


MetaMojo Original Inspiration
[TP]V1ru5 }
[TP]Phantom }
[WoF] Clan } Playtesters & Support
*MS* Azrael }
Vix3n }
MadCodr42 Final Rad Compile (Original Version)
[WoF]Ramirez }
englishpunk } Server dudes
Merlin (TFMap Complex) Reviewed my map and inspired me to revise it (Original Version)

Copyright / Permissions

Copyright © 2001 Jonathan Brunson All rights reserved.
This level (banana_r.bsp) may be electronically distributed
only at no charge to the recipient, and may not be
modified in any way. This text file and additional text
file (banana_r.txt) must be included with the level. This
level may not be included in any commercial compilations
without the express permission of the author (ie me).


C. Peter Irving - [WoF]Loose_Cannon, February 2001.

You are free to use and distribe these modified models as you see fit.
It would be only fair if you were to credit the source. Having said that,
I am sure that the H-L, TFC, CS etc Teams are unaware of my activities.
And I'm not sure if they would approve.

As far as I am aware, the use of these modified models will not affect your
Installed Game. They can be removed as easily as they were added.

Please understand, you use these modified models at your own risk. I will not
accept any liability for any nasty things that may happen if you cock it up.